About Me:

I was lucky enough to be born into a family of seers and medicine women. From as early as I can remember I was taught to navigate and interact in the in-between. There was no trying, no separation between the living and the spirit. The trees, the moose, the mud and the wee ones were my friends.

I learned about the world by observing and interacting. I learned wortcunning by harvesting from the woods, meadow and swamps.

I travelled out of my body and into the woods and into the above and below and beyond worlds. I was taught this hedge-jumping to communicate, retrieve information and help others jump, too.

For 30+ years I have been working professionally as a hedge witch. There is not one thing I do; it is a lifestyle. I facilitate and teach others to be at peace, to love, to release, to walk their truth; for the more true you walk your path the more the land and all of its tribes become sacred to you. 

Oh... I am also a total dork and laugh all the time.

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