Reverend Services

Auntie Baba has served as a reverend and facilitator for many families and communities for over two decades. During momentous times she serves as advisor, consultant and officiant. She offers custom-made interfaith services catered to the participants' preferences and wishes. Contact her here. 


In back yards, inside homes, and in natural locales, in the dead of winter and during summer squalls, Auntie Baba has enjoyed presiding over commitment ceremonies of all types and sizes. 

Rites of Passage

Auntie Baba has led people through many rites of passage ceremonies, from baptisms, house blessings, coming-of-age rituals, croning, and mother-to-be celebrations. 


Auntie Baba holds space for those who are passing, passed on, and those left behind. She has served as funeral service director and reverend for dozens of memorial services. She also has brought comfort to families as an advising death duella. 

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