Auntie Baba offers a variety of classes throughout the year. Most of these are held in The Grindstone Cafe, located on Depot Street in Lyndonville Vt. However, she has been known to teach at festivals, workshops, and other events around the country. Often Baba likes to take her students to sacred and natural sites for optimal learning experiences.


Classes that have been and may be offered are:

  • Divine Feminine Work

  • Ancestral Work

  • Magical Protection

  • Curse Unravelling

  • Karmic Past Life Work

  • Creating Sacred Spaces

  • Astral Projection and Journey Work

  • Energetic Healing

  • Plant Medicine Work

  • Magical Arts and Crafts

  • Magical Childhood Classes

  • Kitchen Witchery

  • Spell Crafting

  • Environmental Witchcraft

  • Practical Magic


To inquire or register for any of the classes please email:

Artemis and Athena: Teen Witchcraft Series


June 2nd

July 7th

Aug 4th

Sept 8th


LOCATION: Grindstone Cafe


A witchcraft school for ages 13 to 18. Learn the arts of:

  • Purification and Protection

  • Spirit Communication

  • Tarot and other forms of Divination

  • Ceremony and Ritual

  • Working with Deity and Tools

  • Herbalism and Spell Crafting.

  • Green Magic and Stewardship

  • Trance and Journey Work

  • Reiki and Energetic Healing

Aunties' New Moon Circle


June 2nd

July 7th

Aug 4th

Sept 8th

Sept 21-22- Retreat

Time: 10AM- 12PM

Location: Grindstone Cafe

Admission: $20

A monthly women's circle delving into the mysteries of self, creating community and being fabulous!

SPECIAL EVENT!!!- Aunties' New Moon Circle Equinox Retreat- $100 - Sept. 21st-22nd.

Ganga Goddess Adventures


June 9th

June 15th

July 19th-21st

Aug 16th

Aug 25th

Sept 14th

TIME: See each event

LOCATION: Grindstone Cafe

ADMISSION: $20 reg.

Special Events: day-$50

June 9th- Hike- Gnome Stairs Falls

    - Meet at Grindstone at 10AM- Willoughby store-            10:45 AM ($20)

June 15th- Full Moon Circle- 8-10 PM; Location TBA

July 19th-21st - Ganga Goddess Retreat- Contact Auntie Baba for more information. (price-t/b/d)

Aug 16th-  Full Moon Circle (8-10 PM); Location TBA

Aug 25th- Kayaking, Canoeing and Wild Harvesting, Picnic.-10 AM- Conn. River, Waterford ($50)

Sept 14th- Full Moon Circle

Spiritual Adventures

with the Aunties


June 21st

June 28th

July 5th

July 26th

Aug 2nd

Aug 16th

TIME: See each event

LOCATION: Grindstone Cafe


Connect to the spirits of the land, explore local natural beauty, learn wildcrafting, meditation, ceremony, and earth healing.

June 21th- Willoughby

June 28th- Diana's Bath

July 5th- Zealand Trail

July 26th- Troll Cave

Aug 2nd- Sabbaday Falls

Aug 16th- Bingham Falls, Stowe VT

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