Baba's tip of the day (3.25.19)

Having a hard time letting go? Here is a simple plan to help you out.

1. Gather some incense and a nice hot cup of tea (anything that smells delightful).

2. Go outside as the sun is setting on a windy day.

3. Give thanks to the wind and the air you breath.

4. Give thanks for the sunset.

5. Make an offering of the incense and the yummy smelling steam of the tea.

6. Face the wind and lean into it. Feel the struggle. Feel the obstacles being blown away.

7. Turn and put your back to the wind. Feel it blowing you toward the solution.

8. Face the setting sun and say goodbye to struggling.

9. Go inside and pamper yourself with a nice warm bath and a hearty meal.

10. Go to bed early and dream away. Write down these dreams, as they may hold clues and messages for you.

11. Awaken in the morning to a new you, free of conflict and truly alive. Your mind will be open to new ideas and opportunities. Be free to be you.

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