Hawthorn Speaks

Hello garden lovers,

I was all set to write about the beautiful snowdrop popping up like a song of thanks to the heavens for life. She is so lovely and full of the moon in all her introspection.

However, Hawthorn had other ideas. He screamed with the fire of Mars “ I must be heard!” Then quietly like a loving mother he said “ come sit softly under my deligatly intoxicating blossoms and let the story begin.”

I am Hawthorn, and Beltane is my fiesta time of sacred pilgrimage. I am home of the Faery. I am the protector, the lover, the madman and the wise one. I stand on the threshold between worlds. I am denizen of the eternal one. I am the scent on the spring breeze that stirs life to multiply. My roots vibrate with the electricity of the mother’s heart beat. I am the one your girls dream under an they wash themselves with the dew that lays heavy on me during the early May day morns. Young lovers make their marriage beneath my blossoms. I am one of the Sacred Triad of Oak Ash and Thorn. I am sure my friends will speak to you of themselves someday. But this is my story.

I am not to be trifled with. I not only protect the faeries, but they protect me, as well. I protect their gateways, and they protect me from those who would harm me With trunk held high and heart open, for centuries, I have offered myself to you as magick and medicine.

My native land was in the Northern Hemisphere of our beautiful planet and the people of Europe, Asia , North America were the first humans to know my medicine and magick. In the language of your scholars I am known as Crataegus oxyacantha, Crataegus Monogyna, Crataegus Laevigata. Sounds fancy right?! I like it. I may not look like a rose but they are my family. If you think about it, we both have heart healing blossoms and protective thorns.

I am both surrender and force. I am strength, vitality, purity, protection, love, and decay. I am the promise of life and the promise of death, two lovers together forever.

Over the years you have found relief in our medicine. I am not even going to get into all the cool medical benefits you humans have found about me, but I will tell you some of the medicine that you can find inside me: Catechins, procyanidins, saponins, flavanid rutin, calcium, iron, phenols, vitamin C and B including folic acid, I will tell you, though, that I am good at more than just heart healing of the spirit and emotional side. Oh, and if you have the worms or parasites, you may want to get to know me . I am also a skin lover and have been used to clean and treat conditions boils, cyst and ulcers.

I like the boys and milkshakes. I give off a slight smell of rotten flesh to bring all the carnivorous bugs to the yard! Once I get them there they help me bring life into being. My friends the druids and their kin who filled the green lands know where I sit on the Abby runes. I even heard tell I was brought here from the holy lands with the Grail. And every Christmas I bloom to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Jesus, the same man who would one day wear a crown of thorns for you.

Some humans over the years have seen into my soul . They know the magick I offer willingly to those who, with a loving heart, abide by the Witch’s Creed: “Harm none”.

As Robert Herrick the poet wrote:

The fair maid who first May

Goes to the field at break of day

And washes in dew from Hawthorn tree

Will ever after handsome be.

From the deepest parts of me I smile when I hear the words Kathleen Raine wrote in the Traveler;

A hundred years I slept

Beneath the thorn

Until the tree was root and branches of my thought.

And with that I bid you goodnight. You are in my thoughts. May I be in your thoughts, and should we meet in our thoughts I know we will be good friends.


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