Living in a Time of Awakening

Pondering your existence? Questioning your old belief system? Feeling called to slow down and connect with nature, the Universe and self? Are you seeing the sacredness in all beings? Are you Remembering lives lived before? Do you find yourself knowing what is going to happen before it happens? You may be experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakenings are happening at an ever increasing rate. Everywhere you look people are finding themselves and getting their groove on. Sounds nice, right? Sign me up for some of that, please!

This awakening forces us to look deep inside ourselves, to heal and to find insight into who our true selves really are. It forces us to let go of all the old beliefs, habits and relationships that no longer serve our higher good. This letting go and going deep is necessary, but boy oh boy, can it be a real pisser!

Letting go of old beliefs can alienate us from our friends and loved ones. We can feel isolated like no one understands us. We may not even have someone with whom we can share these new ideas. For some, those closest to them can be angry for their questioning of the way it always has been. Some are even cast out for this.

Now, we know that isn’t very nice, and we can even say: “Good Riddance, asshats! Who needs you anyway?” For many, this isolation and feelings of rejection can lead to anger, sadness, self-medicating, self-harming and even suicide. Trust me, this awakening can make you feel straight up Crazy (notice the capital “C”).

So what are some things you can do to help during this time of transition and remain as groovy as possible?

1. Create a support team of people with whom you feel safe discussing your thoughts. They don’t have to believe you (although that would be a plus). They do need to respect you and your exploration of self.

2. If you can not think of anyone to be of support then get out there and find them. Look for people asking similar questions. Check with local therapists, life coaches, spiritual healers and teachers, clergy or even the internet for groups or classes in your area. ( )

3. Some form of meditation should be practiced everyday. It really helps if your head is spinning with ideas, questions, memories and worry. I like to switch mine out, but some of the ones I found most helpful were keeping a journal, drumming, mindfulness, yoga, Tai Chi, and free form movement.

4. Keep a journal of questions that arise and your thoughts on them.

5. Be gentle with yourself. When the insecurities and voices of the past start beating you down picture yourself as the beautiful light being your are. Visualize a golden light the size of a marble spinning in your solar plexus. Visualize that light growing and radiating out in all directions, light beams shooting out of your crown, root, hands and feet. See that pure love light casting out your insecurities and negative thoughts.

6. Spend at least 20 mins outside in nature everyday or as often as possible. A morning walk east towards the rising sun is particularly beneficial. Pay attention to the noises, smells and sights you experience while out walking. Feel the wind blowing away all that does not serve you. Feel the sun charging you and filling your soul.

7. Move your body, or have someone move it for you if you can not do it yourself. Moving the body helps free the sorrow and negative energy from all the parts of your body.

8. Clear your energetic body often by shaking, rattling, dancing, smudging, reiki, etc…

9. Bad behavior is simply not necessary. Your personal awakening does not entitle you to control others or hold them captive by your moods and ideas. You may not be able to control the waves of emotion that are crashing over you, but you can control your behavior. Just sit still and ride it out. Then action can be taken. If the waves are continual or coming often enough, and you can’t catch your breath, please seek professional help.

10. Consider working with deer medicine to help you be gentle with yourself and those around you.

11. Know you are love, and you are loved.

Please, check back often to learn more about leading a fruitful and expansive spiritual life. Check out the classes offered and opportunities to meet with

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