What is Auntie Baba?

Let’s break it down and first understand what an Auntie is. An Auntie is anyone who identifies as a woman in her menopausal years who has opened her eyes, put her foot down and said: “That’s enough now!”

An Auntie is all done raising her kids, but is still in the mix of everyone’s lives. Aunties are there one minute and gone the next, but they are always there when you need them.

Aunties are a lot like fairy godmothers.

Auntie Baba is a Hedge Witch and can often be found in caves.

A Baba is a witch, schooled in the ways before words. She knows deep dark mud magic, full of worms magic, sprouting life magic. She speaks the magic of rain, sun, rainbow, dew and green leaves. She hears the running, flying, digging, wiggling, swimming magics, all singing together. That is the language a Baba knows. A Baba lives a slow purposeful life. She enjoys naps and walks in the woods.

So as you see, I am an Auntie and a Baba, thus making me Auntie Baba. You can be an Auntie and not a Baba like our friend Auntie Ama. She, too, knows many secret languages. She too likes to take naps. But she is Ama, and I am Baba.

I feel a nap coming, so I’m out of here, off to dreamworld. I will tell you how I got this way next time.

Adventure on Fellow Humans!

Auntie Baba

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