Listed below are the services Auntie Baba is currently offering for private sessions. To set up an appointment or to get more information please contact Auntie Baba at:

Auntie Babe is available every Monday for half-hour walk-in readings: $50


Auntie Baba is available for appointments Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. See the list below for a menu of options.

Auntie Baba has been working with people for 30+ years offering services such as:

  • Divination

  • Spirit Communication

  • Exorcism and extraction

  • House Clearing

  • Fertility and Abundance Spells

  • Shamanic Healing

Psychic Reading (w/ free spell oil)

Feeling stuck? Not sure what choice to make? Need to shine a light on a situation? Need a plan of action? Auntie Baba has got you covered.  When you come in for a Psychic reading with Auntie Baba she will help you with just that. Using Tarot, Animal cards, looking into your soul and communicating with your higher self and spirit guides, as well as some help from her spirit team, you will shed some light on the situation and come up with a game plan.  Baba will also give you a spell oil to take with you to help you with your situation. A lot of information comes out and it is best to bring a notebook or a tape recorder so you can go back and reference the reading if needed. One Hour Experience. (Cost: $150)

Drum Bath: Sonic Healing

 I am offering 21 minute drum baths.  Relax on the heated massage table, be anointed with magickal oils and let the drum clean and clear your Aura and leave your feeling recharged and balanced. Cost:$33

Tea Time with the Aunties

With the help of sound, crystals, herbs and magick we take you on a journey to the source where you truly see yourself as the beauty you are. We open the channel and shine a light for you to connect the universal energy of the great is. We stand guard and watch your back as you journey on to worlds and moments that require your attention. As that energy flows through you, blocks are removed, and your “being” is allowed to move back into harmony (to heal). 

Then over tea we will discuss all that we saw and did as well as any messages from your higher self and spirit allies.  (Cost: $150)


The Aunties

Watching your back and shining a light since 1972

Spell Work and Conjuring

Oh, there is nothing like a good juicy spell. I have to say, doing spell work is one of my great joys.  I have been conjuring since my Gram taught me as a young child. I just love the whole process of gathering all the bits and listening to them communicate with each other. Then I work the energy up, and bottle for you.  So, if you be needing a little help with love, money, protection , selling your house, having a baby, or legal issues, just send me a message, and we will see what we can do. (Cost: variable)

Past Life Connections

Many spiritual paths describe the journey of our souls and the many lives we assume along the karmic wheel. Sometimes experiences remain half imbedded in our consciousness and can affect our growth and peace in our current lives. Knowing such information can give a person a new perspective on the challenges they face and the spiritual legacy that they have inherited. Auntie Baba will guide you on a meditative journey, where together you will gain insight into past lives, karmic ties and spiritual contracts. This is an hour long session. (Cost: $150)

Guardian House Witch

Each of these one-of-a-kind witches is crafted and woven from bits and pieces of recycle, nature and found objects. Besides having her own personality each holds at her core a powerful spell of protection. Prior to creation, you will be asked to provide any recycled material or personal mementos that you want to be part of your witch's mojo. Like any good witch, their job is to create sacred space and keep a keen eye over the house. If they are meant to guard your home, you'll know. (COST: $150)

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